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 This current volume marks the tenth edition of Vet-
erinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, first published
some six decades ago by Dr. L. Meyer Jones. Both the
discipline and book have dramatically changed since the
first edition came out in 1954. Entirely new therapeu-
tic classes of drugs are now used and veterinary phar-
macotherapy is much more quantitative, mechanism-
based, and firmly integrated into clinical medicine than
in past years. Early editions were intended to be sim-
ply a standard textbook for students taking a pharma-
cology course in the veterinary curriculum. 



the educational culture and environment of veterinary
colleges have evolved, making the audience of the cur-
rent edition much broader than the veterinary medical
student alone. Interns and residents in various medi-
cal disciplines, including clinical pharmacology, gradu-
ate students in comparative biomedical sciences, labo-
ratory animal specialists, animal health drug developers
and regulators, and as always researchers across diverse
fields, all view this text as the standard reference source
and supplemental reading for comparative pharmacology
at all levels of professional and graduate school curricu-



 This role as the primary veterinary pharmacology
reference textbook has become even more important as
so-called open textbook initiatives become mandatory in
more veterinary colleges.
Because of the unique role this text serves in compar-
ative and veterinary pharmacology across the globe, we
have endeavored to significantly update and revise this
current edition with substantial rewriting and editing of
the majority of chapters.


 We have enlisted the collab-
oration of authors who are experts in their respective
fields and instructed them to focus on drugs that are cur-
rently used in veterinary practice. To accommodate these
additions, we have removed discussion of older drugs no
longer routinely employed and instead direct the reader
interested in these compounds to consult earlier editions
of the text. As in the last edition, we have also presented
therapeutic agents both by pharmacological class but also
regrouped into therapeutic applications to insure clini-
cal relevance. 



We remain cognizant of the public health
responsibilities of veterinarians in production animal
practice and have endeavored to discuss issues related to
updated regulations, as well as avoidance of both antimi-
crobial drug resistance and violative tissue residues in
edible products from food-producing animals.
We are indebted to the authors of the text who tried as
best as possible to adhere to deadlines despite their busy
schedules, to the excellent support of the publisher’s staff
at Wiley-Blackwell, as well as the numerous staff and stu-
dents at both Kansas State and North Carolina State Uni-
versities who aided in arriving at this final product. We
hope the reader finds that this tenth edition of Veteri-
nary Pharmacology and Therapeutics serves them well
and provides a solid foundation for the rational use of
drugs in veterinary medicine.



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