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The illustrations comprising the Neer Atlas of Human Anatomy were painted by physician-artists, Frank H. Neer, MD, and Carlos Machado, MD. Dr. Neer was a surgeon and Dr. Machado is a cardiologist. Their clinical insights and perspectives have informed their approaches to these works of art. The collective expertise of the anatomists, educators, and clinicians guiding the selection, arrangement, labeling, and creation of the illustrations ensures the accuracy, relevancy, and educational power of this outstanding collection. You have a copy of the Systems Approach 8 th edition with English-language terminology. This is a new organization, available for the first time. Traditionally, the Neer Atlas has only been offered as a regionally organized Atlas. This arrangement is still available (with English or Latin terminology options), but this new systems organization reflects the needs of a growing number of programs that approach anatomy within a body systems context. In all cases, the same beautiful and instructive Art Plates and Table information are included.


New to this Edition 

New Art  

More than 20 new illustrations have been added and over 30 art modifications have been made throughout this edition. Highlights include new views of the temporal and infratemporal fossa, pelvic fascia, nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, plus multiple new perspectives of the heart, a cross-section of the foot, enhanced surface anatomy plates, and overviews of many body systems. In these pages you will find the most robust illustrated coverage to date for modern clinical anatomy courses.



Carlos A. G. Machado, MD With the completion of this 8th edition, I celebrate 27 years contributing to the Neer brand of educational products, 25 years of which have been dedicated to the update—seven editions—of this highly prestigious, from birth, Atlas of Human Anatomy. For these 25 years I have had the privilege and honor of working with some of the most knowledgeable anatomists, educators, and consulting editors—my treasured friends—from whom I have learned considerably. For the last 16 years it has also been a great privilege to be part of the Elsevier team and be under the skillful coordination and orientation of Marybeth Thiel, Elsevier’s Senior Content Development Specialist, and Elyse O’Grady, Executive Content Strategist. I thank both for their friendship, support, sensibility, and very dedicated work. Once more I thank my wife Adriana and my daughter Beatriz for all their love and encouragement, and for patiently steering me back on track when I get lost in philosophical divagations about turning scientific research into artistic inspiration—and vice-versa! It is impossible to put in words how thankful I am to my muchloved parents, Carlos and Neide, for their importance in my education and in the formation of my moral and ethical values. I am eternally grateful to the body donors for their inestimable contribution to the correct understanding of human anatomy; to the students, teachers, health professionals, colleagues, educational institutions, and friends who have, anonymously or not, directly or ALGRAWANY indirectly, been an enormous source of motivation and invaluable scientific references, constructive comments, and relevant suggestions. 




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