Toronto Residents Handbook of Neonatology -1st ed 2022 pdf

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.       The Toronto Resident’s Handbook of Neonatology was created for residents, by residents. It is the
culmination of 2 years of work (2020 to 2022) by 27 residents, and 18 content experts based in
Toronto, Canada. It is meant to be used as a quick on-call reference for residents, study guide for final
year residents, and clinical resource for general paediatricians. The content is broadly applicable to
any Canadian context where neonates are cared for. Canadian Paediatric Society position statements
form the foundation of the content. In the absence of CPS statements, national / international
guidelines, hospital-specific guidelines, and expert opinion were used. Content references can be
found at the end of each chapter. The chapters represent an overview of common clinical neonatal
problems and are not meant to be in-depth detailed reviews. We endeavor to update the chapters
every 5 years.



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