Macleod's Clinical Examination15th Edition 2024

 Macleod's Clinical Examination15th Edition 2024


Edited by :
 Anna R Dover
 Consultant in Diabetes, Endocrinology and General Medicine
 Edinburgh Centre for Endocrinology and Diabetes
 Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh; Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer
 University of Edinburgh, UK

  J Alastair Innes
  Consultant Physician (retired), Respiratory Unit
  Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
  Honorary Reader in Respiratory Medicine
  University of Edinburgh, UK 
  Karen Fairhurst 
  MB BS, PhD 
  Senior Lecturer, Centre for Population Health Sciences
  University of Edinburgh, UK Illustrations by Robert Britton
  Ethan Danielson and Wendy Beth Jackelow 

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espite the wealth of diagnostic tools available to the modern clinician, the acquisition of information by direct interaction with the patient through history taking and clinical examination remains the bedrock of clinical practice. An expertly performed history and examination of a patient allow the clinician to reach a differential diagnosis whilst ensuring the patient and their concerns remain central to the process, and avoids potential harm from unnecessary or unjustified tests. This book aims to assist clinicians in developing the consultation skills required to elicit a clear history and the practical examination skills needed to detect clinical signs of disease. Where possible, the physical basis of clinical signs is explained to aid understanding.

 Formulation of a differential diagnosis from the information gained is introduced, and the logical initial investigations are included for each system. Macleod’s Clinical Examination is designed to be used in conjunction with more detailed texts on pathophysiology, differential diagnosis and clinical medicine. It is closely integrated with Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine and is best read in conjunction with that text. In this edition, the contents have been updated and diversified by a team of existing and new authors, with the aim of creating an accessible and user-friendly text relevant to clinical practice in the 21st century. Section 1 addresses the general principles of good interaction with patients, from the basics of taking a history and examining, to the use of pattern recognition to identify spot diagnoses. Section 2 deals with symptoms and signs in specific systems and Section 3 illustrates the application of these skills to specific clinical situations.

 Section 4 covers the formulation of a diagnosis, the tailored adaptation of clinical skills for everyday practice and preparation for assessments of these skills. We hope that if young clinicians are encouraged to adopt and adapt these history and examination skills, not only will they serve their patients well as diagnosticians, but also they will continue to develop clinical examination techniques and a better understanding of their mechanisms and diagnostic use. The 15th edition of Macleod’s Clinical Examination is accompanied by an expanded set of clinical videos, including eight entirely new topics, which are available in the Elsevier eBooksþ library.


The editors would like to acknowledge the many distinguished previous editors whose guiding hands have crafted Macleod’s Clinical Examination over the years into the key resource it has become for clinicians across the globe. Working to update and enhance this book, we are constantly aware of, and grateful for, this unique heritage of clinical skills teaching. The editors also offer grateful thanks for the input of all previous editions’ contributors, without whom this new edition would not have been possible. In particular, we are indebted to those former authors who step down with the arrival of this 15th edition: Anthony Bateman, Ivan Brenkel, Gareth Clegg, Nick Mills, Janet Skinner, James Tiernan and Oliver Young.

 We are thankful to the following clinicians from varied professional groups who undertook detailed reviews of the 14th edition and provided us with a wealth of ideas to implement in this new edition: Sunil Bhandari, Iain Hathorn, Ian Lee, Caroline Nicholson, Nathan Oliver and Claire Robertson. Thanks also to the many other students and educators who have provided invaluable feedback on Macleod’s via the Student Consult registrant’s survey. Finally, we express our gratitude to the following individuals who helped to create the videos supporting the book. Some created the original videos, others helped us recently to create a series of new videos to augment the range of techniques covered in this particular edition: Omar Ali, Abby Cooke, Eleanor Davidson, Ahmed Eissa, Anas Gomati, Rosemary Hackney, Iain Hennessey, Shiying Hey, Sadiq Jeeyavudeen, Alan Japp, Rachael Lamb, Nick Morley, Dan Pugh, Deepa Rangar, Amy Robb, Colin Robertson, Jenni Wales, Ben Waterson, and the Medical Photography Service, NHS Lothian.


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